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Are you considering hiring a tutor to support your child's education? BLES 1:1 Home Tuition & Fun French offers professional tutoring services across a wide range of curriculum subjects in Teesside, Darlington, Northallerton and the surrounding areas.

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Professional Tutoring Services

At BLES 1:1 Home Tuition & Fun French, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to our students. Our mission statement outlines our promise to:

  • To provide good quality, well-planned, organised and professional tutoring to a range of pupils aged from 4-18 in a full range of school-based subjects.

  • To help pupils gain greater confidence and to reach their full potential in the subjects we are tutoring them in.

  • To take a pastoral, caring role with every pupil and show appreciation for, and encourage their endeavours with positive praise.

  • We expect all tutors to act in a professional manner and set good examples of conduct to their students and follow a code of behaviour that is conducive to mutual trust and respect.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, most do as clients tend to prefer this. A small percentage of tutors don't drive so tutor at their own homes but this is discussed when allocating a tutor. Ultimately, tuition can take place online, at home or in the tutor's house.

Yes. Many do offer this service at a client's request. Any current tuitions can be moved online where the need arises. Please contact us, to discuss your requirements.

A DBS is an acronym for a Disclosure and Barring Service check which all persons working with children have to possess. All our tutors hold a DBS.

No, fuel costs are included in the initial fee quoted by us. If longer distances have to be driven an extra charge may be discussed and agreed with the client at the outset.

The tutor needs to be paid at the end of each lesson. The tutor will pay BLES the due commission.

If enough advance notice is given the tutor will not charge you for the lesson. BLES recommends that for cancellations within 24 hours that full payment is made.

Please be aware that if a lesson needs to be cancelled the tutor should be made aware as soon as possible and try to re-arrange the lesson so the children and the tutor are not missing out.

The commission is included in the lesson rate. You pay the rate listed.

Yes, if the tutor can schedule that in.

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